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What is SayPay

SayPay Technologies, Inc. provides a customer-friendly voice recognition and biometric authentication solution that replaces static passwords with a one-time use “SayPay Code.” For financial transactions, the SayPay Code spoken by the customer “binds” the financial transaction details with user authentication. A complete SayPay payment can be initiated, authenticated, authorized and confirmed in as little as seven seconds—without the need to sign in!

This patent-pending technology is ideal for all remote authentication and financial transactions, including consumer bill payments, e-commerce, payment gateway integration, step-up authentication, P2P transfers, corporate payment approvals, password proxies, one-time passcodes, VPN, and more.

SayPay payments require no consumer financial data to be sent to the merchant, so account and card numbers remain secure. SayPay works on any type of phone (smart phones, feature phones, and landlines) and easily integrates with smart phone apps. The solution is available for in-house deployment or as a cloud-based service.

SayPay products include the following product features:

  • - Works on any phone (Landlines, simple mobile phones, or smart phones)
  • - Easily integrates with mobile phone apps
  • - Works in open-loop or closed-loop systems
  • - Available as a “white-labeled” solution to strengthen your brand
  • - Available for in-house deployment or as a cloud-based service