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User Enrollment

SayPay User Enrollment

Prior to participation, each user needs to perform a simple 5-minute enrollment. The enrollment process captures the originating master voice entry to which subsequent voice entries will be compared. The quality of the enrollment is essential to reducing unauthenticated attempts and false-positive rates.

Enrollment steps:
1. Customer signs into bank website to enroll and provides their phone number
2. Bank sends a SayPay Enrollment code to phone for verification
3. Customer manually keys code at website to confirm
4. Bank provides link to download app to phone Customer installs app and requests phone enrollment
5. Customer enters bank User ID and password to sign in
6. App prompts customer to repeat 3-5 random sequences of representative numbers and/or letters
7. App sends voice files to host system for saving to master voice file
8. App prompts customer through sample payment workflow by generating test SayPay Code, verifying voice file content, and marking account as active.

Note: Each successful use of SayPay refines master voice file