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Use of Voice Biometric for Accurate Remote Authentication

20 November 2015


 November 20, 2015

Excellent article on use of Voice Biometric for Accurate Remote Authentication

Here is the summary:

  1. Voice is a unique biometric which is extremely difficult to forge. Attempts to impersonate voice or use voice recordings – which may sound like an exact match to the human ear – fail due to distinctive details of voiceprint used for comparison. Detailed mathematical analysis tools of the voiceprint reveals vast differences.
  2. Use of randomly generated phrases makes it difficult for the fraudulent user to impersonate.
  3. Positive characteristics of voice biometrics make for a higher degree of certainty that an acceptance is correct.
  4. Voice biometrics offers ease of use for remote authentication as it requires no special devices to be deployed. Familiarity with telephone makes it easy to use without any special training.
  5. Voice biometric application can deliver additional information to and from the user viz. pin number or acknowledgement.
  6. It provides a humanly detectable audit trail. A strong audit trail proves useful for verifying transactions.
  7. Voice biometrics provides robust authentication with distinct advantages: ease of use, reliability, and information delivery capabilities.
  8. While all other biometrics requires special readers, voice faces no such handicap at it can partner with any telephone to deliver extremely accurate remote authentication. Voice authentication is ready for immediate deployment without any new device cost.

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