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SayPay Authenticator

SayPay Authenticator

SayPay Retail Voice Authentication replaces digital banking PINs and passwords with a one-time use SayPay voice token for convenience and security. For additional utility, this solution works across your enterprise using the same master voice print for each customer. Banks and Credit Unions may use it for website sign-in, bill payments, call center identification, step-up authentication, as an enhancement to one-time passcodes. Use SayPay as a replacement of, or a multi-factor addition to, your other authentication methods.

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SayPay Authenticator Modules

Remembering passwords are a pet-peeve of consumers everywhere. As a result, consumers use the same credentials at many sites, introducing the risk of compromise across companies. Forgotten passwords result in frustration and customer dissatisfaction. By deploying SayPay as an alternative to traditional passwords, customers gain online access more conveniently and securely.

Many Financial Institutions use or plan to deploy an adaptive authentication solution to reduce risk based upon transaction risk scores. Various means of step-up information generally include security questions or historical consumer information; however, these methods are limited in their effectiveness and fall short of proving the authenticity of the user. By deploying SayPay, the one-time SayPay voice token fully ensures authenticity with the consumer’s distinctive voice.

Sending mobile one-time passcodes (OTP) out of band reduces risk through validation of a known customer phone number on file. Banks use out-of-band passcodes for a variety of risk management means, including for online and mobile enrollment, profile changes, and step-up authentication. SayPay enables extending your existing OTP service for a safer and more convenient user experience.

Enhance your bill presentment service by sending a push notification when bills are received. When the customer opens the notification, they are able to review the bill details and instantly make payment by speaking the SayPay voice token provided—all without the need to sign in!

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Demo Video for Payments, Wire Transfers & Brokerage Trades: