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Sample Use Case

Prior to the customer interaction on a smart phone, the merchant requests and receives a SayPay Code as shown in Figure 1. The merchant then displays the transaction amount and the SayPay Code to the customer. In this example, SayPay is using the default 8-digit code.

User SayPay Use Case Steps:

  1. The User launches the “SayPay” smart phone app; no app sign in needed
  2. When ready, the User selects the microphone icon
  3. The application displays simple instructions and a voice input box
  4. The user speaks the SayPay code. The phone captures the user’s voice and displays the value for verification by the user. If correct, the User says “Pay.”
  5. The Bank processes the voice file for authentication, verifies the SayPay code, and performs authorization. If successful, the merchant and User each receive a payment confirmation.
  6. The User may optionally view their transaction receipt immediately, or at a later time. An email confirmation is then sent to the user’s email address.

The solution can work similarly with an IVR, but instead of initiating through a smart phone app, the customer calls a toll-free number and is voice prompted to provide the SayPay code.

Each successful use of SayPay refines the master voice file. After each successful use is scored, it may be appended as another voice sample. Multiple voiceprints enable the ability to detect slight differences over time in physiological changes due to mood, health and age, enabling voice verification quality improvement to the risk score or risk score range.

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