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To use SayPay, a user simply speaks a one-time use SayPay voice token into their phone; SayPay identifies the phone, authenticates the user, validates the transaction, and enables authorization—all in a single process. SayPay uses a highly-sophisticated algorithm that creates in real-time a guaranteed-unique, one-time use SayPay token. An availability timer verifies processing within a fixed duration after which time, the SayPay token expires. Once used, the SayPay token is locked and signed for nonrepudiation.

Since SayPay uses the exclusive characteristics of each individual’s unique voice, it works on any type of telephone, from home phones to work phones, from basic mobile phones to smart phones. The type of phone determines how SayPay can be used. For all phones, SayPay is available using an Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) system. For smart phones, SayPay may be enabled through a rich-client app.

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