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Investor Overview

SayPay Technologies is currently seeking seed funding from private equity and the angel investment community. A fraud tsunami is on path to strike in the coming years, with fraud expected to shift from retail to online channels. With passwords being largely insecure, predictable, and re-used across sites, current online payment processing methods are highly-vulnerable to exploitation. Mobile banking and payment volumes are on the rise and merchant and Bank IT budgets are increasing as a result. Mobile smartphone usage has reached critical mass and serves as an excellent delivery infrastructure for customer convenience and to combat fraud. Biometric authentication, especially advanced voice technology, will provide the foundation for providing stable, accurate and reliable authentication over mobile phones. Convenience and security are key elements to influencing customer adoption. The SayPay vision, intellectual property, and management experience have all of the essentials to launch a successful business model with long-term profitability.

Password and Fraud

Passwords are inconvenient, error-prone and susceptible to compromise, both in the online and mobile channels. Fraud prevention and risk management are already significant line items for online retailers, and online merchant fraud prevention budgets are increasing annually. We predict that merchants will continue their upward investment as fraud shifts from chip-card retail to the vulnerable online channel.

Mobile Trends

Mobile phone statistics and trends provide proof of an excellent delivery infrastructure for SayPay solutions. There are 164 million US smartphone users today, or 61% of all US phones deployed, with an estimated 220 million by 2018. Payments represent 24% of total smartphone use, and US commerce on mobile devices is projected at $114 billion this year. Unsurprisingly, banks are forecast to increase mobile IT spend globally from $430 billion in 2014 to over $500 billion by 2020. Infrastructure, security and customer enhancements are the key drivers of mobile investment over the next 3-5 years.

Voice Biometric Technology

SayPay uses both speech recognition (translation of utterances into text), and speaker recognition (authentication of an individual’s voice against a trusted source). The SayPay service is convenient for customers to use and highly-secure with intrinsic multifactor authentication. Studies show that customers prefer voice solutions over other biometric methods, that voice offers customers a “familiarity quotient,” and that it is the lowest-cost and most reliable biometric option to deploy.

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