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What if someone sees the SayPay code value on the customer’s phone? Can they access their account?
The SayPay code is a derived offset from transaction data including the Initiator and purchase amount; it provides no access to consumer information whatsoever.
Is it secure to speak the SayPay code? What if someone overhears?
Speaking the SayPay code is safe because it provides no personal information about the user or their financial account. The code only identifies the Initiator and purchase amount.
The app doesn’t require a password. What if the customer’s phone is lost or stolen?
If a lost or stolen phone is used by a perpetrator, they could not make purchases using SayPay as their Voice Print would not match.
What if someone records my voice and then plays it back in the sequence of the SayPay code?
While feasibly possible, a perpetrator would need to assemble ~100 million iterations of the unique 8-digit SayPay code from your captured voice and submit from your registered device during the limited SayPay code validity window.
For what amount of time is the SayPay code valid?
The SayPay code is configured to be valid for a short duration (e.g., 3 minutes). The value is configurable for any environment.
What would happen if someone else spoke the code for my purchase?
If the speaker was also a SayPay participant, the transaction would be processed onto their payment card/method. Otherwise, the purchase would be declined based on the voice authentication failure.
How are credits or returns processed with SayPay?
Credits and returns would be processed by the originator/Initiator without the need for verbal authentication.
What if the same code is generated for two transactions at the same time?
The possibility of the same coding being generated is rare. If the same code is generated for two transactions, they would differ by other details of the order (date, amount, etc.)