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Investment in a technology solution is a serious business matter for bank executives. Financial institutions need to quantify how the solution contributes to the bottom-line either through cost-savings or improved revenues. SayPay contributes in both ways: Customer convenience and an exceptional user experience are essential to customer retention and any acquisition strategy; and with improved security, SayPay minimizes bank losses, reduces customer care expenses, and improves chargeback rates. Clients deploy SayPay at the enterprise-level, so the same solution can be extended to other current and future remote services, including e-commerce, billpay, P2P transfers, step-up authentication, and more.

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Voice authentication in remote payments and financial transactions opens up tremendous opportunity to innovative voice biometric solutions companies.

SayPay is not a voice recognition or biometric solution in itself, but uniquely provides the infrastructure to expand voice authentication to remote payments and financial transactions. SayPay helps to you improve revenues through the introduction of compelling new services to your existing clients and new prospects, and to break into highly-lucrative mobile payments.

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