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Online passwords were developed for entry into computer keyboards--not into the tiny screens of mobile phones. Passwords using upper- and lower-case, numeric values, and a special character require users to access up to three different mobile keyboards just complete their entry. For this reason, mobile has excessively high sign-in errors, lower transaction usage, and many times creates an aggravating user experience.

Password-entry aside, the weak values of user-selected passwords is frightening. According to a recent study of 6 million passwords, 40% of all passwords are identical to the 100 most commonly used values; 71% of all passwords are identical to the 500 most commonly used values. And the reuse of the same password by users across websites is rampant.

Passwords have clearly reached their end-of-life effectiveness. Fortunately, a more user-friendly and secure option is now available—SayPay!