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Welcome to SayPay

SayPay Technologies is a Voice Biometric Payment solution where users can authorize eCommerce purchases, P2P, Bill Pay, etc. by speaking the unique one-time crypto-token generated at run-time into the mobile app. Our products enable each user to safely and conveniently authorize financial transactions using a mobile phone and unique biometric "Voice Signature". The transactions could come from variety of sources like: website login, mobile login, eCommerce checkout, payment gateway, bill payments, Peer-2-peer transfer, document signature, VPN, etc.

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SayPay Checkout

Make bill and e-commerce payments in as little as seven seconds - without the need to sign in!
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SayPay Authenticator

SayPay Authenticator

A super-convenient and ultra-safe voice recognition and biometric authentication solution that replaces static passwords with a one-time use "SayPay Password".
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SayPay Peer to Peer P2P

SayPay P2P “Say2Pay”

Person-to-Person or Peer-to-Peer payments provide an important value-add to bank customers.
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Voice Banking

SayPay Voice Banking

Check balances, get recent transactions, pay bills and transfer funds--with just your voice!
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SayPay Technologies's presentation at Finovate Spring 2015 Conference

SayPay Technologies Inc. is proud to be selected for Finovate Spring 2015 Conference held in San Jose on May 12, 2015. Checkout the video from the presentation below: